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You need great looking clear sounding video for your website and social media. If you want an email marketing campaign that’s fully integrated with the quality, tone, and polish of your brand. We, at Aurora 3D Productions are ready to transform your raw footage into a final product that you'll be proud to show off to the world. With our background in VFX; 3D Animation we have the luxury of going above and beyond other editing services.

With Aurora 3D productions state of the art technology you can "wow" your competitor. Take your company brand and logo to new heights.  Do you have a logo already? No problem! We can take your existing brand and bring it to life with our cutting edge technology.    

whether your a small business or a Fortune 500 company, you need an effective communications strategy that can reach out to your key audiences with targeted messaging.

For Personal Injury Law Firms courtroom visual aids present the deciding factors in many legal cases. 3D visualization animated scene re-enactments provide judges and juries with the capabilities to rewind and view the scene from different points of view. Aurora 3D productions produces high-quality courtroom 3D scene reconstructions.

Instructional Design Interactive multimedia (CBT)  has revolutionized employee training.  For example, employees can interact with virtual clients in a simulated business environment, rather than actual customers, allowing them to practice soft skills in a no-risk environment. Aurora 3D Productions can produce the same quality of training materials for small business owners as major training companies."

Production & CGI Special Effects
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